Marketing Myth #4: “Professional photography and videography don’t matter.”

photography and videography

Whether you sell a product, provide a service or promote a cause, images bring your brand to life. They show people what you do, who you are and why they should connect with your small business or nonprofit. In this digital age, visual media is everything, and it’s easier than ever to produce it – or so it seems.

(Almost) everyone has a smart phone, so everyone has the ability to take clear photos and videos with their devices. But counter to popular belief, just because you can press a button doesn’t mean you’re a visual artist.

Visual media is an art and one that often gets mistaken for an “anybody-can-do-it hobby.” But not everybody can do it – even with the fanciest equipment.

Just because you own a paint brush doesn’t mean you obtain the skills or training to paint something beautiful. In the same way, just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you’re able to produce photos and videos of professional quality.


Product photography, for example, can take hours of set-up and staging. It requires extreme attention to detail and intentional artistry to beautifully represent the brand. Similarly, to capture professional photos of your team and environment, it’s essential to hire a skilled photographer. Here are some examples from two professional photographers here in Berks County, Pennsylvania, whose images create beautiful branding for their clients:

Tawanda Faye Photography

Based out of Eastern Pennsylvania

Cara Marie Photography

Based out of Philadelphia


Promotional video production also takes hours of artistic work. It includes thoughtfully prepared interviews, skilled production and creative footage, as well as story-based audio/visual editing in post-production.

We created this promotional video for a nonprofit in Kutztown and Hamburg, Pennsylvania, Life’s Choices:

If you’d like to include professional branding for your small business or nonprofit through promotional videos and visual advertisements, please contact us. We would love to provide your organization with creative media that can be used to share your organization’s character and mission and help it thrive. We strive to help you find the right photographer or videographer for your specific needs, and we can help connect to you local, skilled business and lifestyle artists.

Contact us today, or check out some of our services and work.

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