Five Marketing Myths: Intro

small business marketing

Is marketing essential for local small businesses and nonprofits? Isn’t word-of-mouth and personal relationship key? Well, yes to both- but there’s more to it.

Navigating the marketing world, especially for small businesses or nonprofits, can be a little bit tricky. We’ve heard some small businesses question if it’s of any use at all. Is it really worth all the time, effort and financial investment?

The short answer is yes. (And not because we do this for a living.)

small business marketing

Marketing isn’t just about the method- it’s about the message. Businesses shouldn’t market themselves just because it’s “what businesses do”; they should market because the people who truly need or want your product or service first have to hear about what you offer.

We’ve found that some misconceptions have been circulating throughout the small-business-sphere regarding the supposed superfluity of investing in quality marketing. For the health of your local business or nonprofit, we believe it’s important to shed light on these.

Here are five small business marketing myths we’ve stumbled upon:

  1. “Marketing isn’t worth the money.”
  2. “I don’t need a website, I have a Facebook page.”
  3. “Social media involvement won’t impact sales or donations.”
  4. “Professional photography and videography don’t matter. I can just take pictures of my product with my phone, and it will look the same.”
  5. “No one cares about our branding and graphic design.”

Stay tuned as we unpack each of these over the next few weeks.

*Update: Click the Myth above to read its corresponding blog post.

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